Mutant Labs

Mutants Dapp

Mutant Labs is a Mutants decentralized app. Launched in August 2021.

On Mutant Labs, you are able to:

  • Participate in raffles and auctions of NFTs for NFT project tokens (V1)

  • Stake your NFTs

The main goal of Mutant Labs is to help the community to provide an ecosystem for NFT projects in the Cardano ecosystem.

You should not invest in projects using the Labs just because they are doing so. We do not recommend investing in anything nor guaranteeing any financial returns, as NFT tokens have no economic value within their ecosystems. Regarding NFT fee reduction program: As stated in this litepaper, our NFTs aren't investments, only collectibles. The Mutant Labs is a Dapp to enhance the interactivity within the Mutants ecosystem and giving some discounts on fees is a way to make it easier to use for holders. You shouldn't buy our NFT project expecting financial returns in any form.

Labs tools are not made to reflect on the $MUTANT "price". We also do not provide utility exclusively to any token and do not intend to reflect on the monetary value of any token.

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