The total supply is 40,000,000 $MUTANT. We didn't have initial distribution for NFTs, there wasn't a pre-mine of $MUTANT. The initial supply was zero.

100% of the $MUTANT supply is to be obtainable by NFT staking. Staking the NFT will earn you tokens and if you leave the NFT unstaked you will not be given a single token. The tokens used in our ecosystem will be sent to $mutantservice. Token Policy ID: ffb1abe9fe93ee9f13874403a3d4f8addaa65fbf22d5d7f41c087d8e


We will have three halving periods. Each halving will reduce the staking rewards by 50%

  • First Halving - 20,000,000 Tokens mined.

  • Second Halving - 30,000,000 Tokens mined.

  • Third Halving - 35,000,000 Tokens mined.


$MUTANT does not have a price. The team does not acknowledge any economic value to the token as it should be used within the ecosystem. It's not an investment of money, and you should not expect any financial returns. We won't set an official LP to the token or provide liquidity.

If the community wants to trade the ecosystem token within themselves, the "price" of $MUTANT will be determined by the free market, and the team will never interfere in any form. To the Mutant team, 1 $MUTANT = 1 $MUTANT. Please do not ask or mention $MUTANT price/liquidity on any of our socials or to our team. We do not support trading.

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